May 23-26, 2017

Email AJ Garland for more information:

(606) 231-2012


Camp Mentors

Each camper will be paired with a mentor for the duration of camp.  Mentors will be provided through several dedicated groups of young adults.  Mentors will exhibit behavior for campers to model.

Camp L.E.A.P. Mission

Camp L.E.A.P. was designed to focus on children that are challenged socially and behaviorally.  Camp will incorporate a system of mentoring along with a reward system for positive behaviors.

Daily Activities

Daily activities will be divided into several different sessions.  Campers will participate in social lessons, crafts, organized recreation, snack preparation, lunch and a daily special event.  Some of the special events may include a petting zoo, water play, a baseball clinic, or fire and emergency day just to name a few.